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"The unfortunate reality, however is that sustainable economic growth, which is now the mantra of the stock market bulls in the wake of the Trump election, is not achievable.  In a world this saturated with debt and derivatives, any aggressive stimulus, monetarily and/or fiscally, will manifest itself primarily in greater inflation, most probably culminating in hyperinflation.

What should also concern investors today is the back-up on long U.S. interest rates.  The inevitable global economic collapse has been forestalled by a zero-based interest rate policy in the Western world, which has morphed into a negative rate scenario in a number of constituencies.  This is all simply preposterous and will be seen as such in retrospect."

John Embry

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Investing in Precious Metals

Many Investment advisors recommend precious metals as part of a properly diversified portfolio to provide capital appreciation, liquidity, and a hedge against conventional paper assets. Because precious metals are counter-cyclical to paper assets, a diversification into gold, silver, and platinum can therefore reduce the total risk of your overall portfolio and preserve your wealth. History supports the premise that investment in precious metals is the best protection against uncertainties in the future.

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